US-based Comedian Slays Journalist Fatu Camara for Accusing Gambia’s First Lady

Comedian Bah Ebou hours ago made it his business to slay journalist Fatu Camara for her attacks on Gambia’s first lady Bah-Barrow.

Tension has been simmering between Fatu and the state house goddess after the former’s accusations of the latter for purportedly sponsoring the ongoing mudslinging against Sierra Leone’s first lady Fatu Jabbie Bio.

In a segment of posts, Fatu Camara alleged president Barrow’s wife has been the figure behind the recent attacks on Bio, claiming the Gambian first lady bankrolls journalists in Sierra Leone to wage war on fellow first lady and Gambian-born Bio.

Photo: Fatima Jabbie Bio, wife of Sierra Leone’s president has been on the receiving end of derides allegedly bankrolled by fellow first lady Bah-Barrow

In a separate shot aimed at replying to the floodgates of foul mouthed expletive-rants emanating from Barrow’s camp in the wake of her inflammatory remarks, Ms. Camara claims she has a body of evidence to prove her allegations before any court.

However, her assertions have not succeeded in fending off US-based comedian Ebou Bah famed for his video dance clad in police outfit that went viral years ago.

Photo: Comedian Ebou Bah has leaped to Bah -Barrow’s defence

Fatu Camara you are my sister. We have heard it all about you in Sierra Leone. You have been accused of every and anything including allegedly aiding first lady Jabbie Bio to siphon Sierra Leone money to other accounts. However, all that is ignored because there are no proofs to those claims. But honestly you shouldn’t have descended this low -making claims against the first lady Barrow. You said Barrow’s wife creates fake profiles to insult Fatima Jabbie. Where is the proof, show us and only then we will believe you,” Ebou Bah, a self-confessed UDP-turned president Barrow supporter, commanding over hundred thousand following on social media, said.

Fatu Camara was yet to fire back at Ebou at press time.

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