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“You Died with Honour Not Kneeling….” Fatoumatta Sandeng all Emotional on Anniversary of Father Death’s, Killed by Jammeh’s Thugs

Fatoumatta Sandeng is left pouring grief as she eulogised her activist father murdered by former president Jammeh’s spies.

It all occurred on this day about four years ago when Solo Sandeng led a group of fellow activists believed to be from the United Democratic Party to protest electoral reforms.

Fed up of the electoral laws that appeared to be made out for Jammeh’s easy reelection, Solo and co felt the need take to the streets in sheer show of dissatisfaction over the status quo.

A peaceful march was led with activists waving placards and chanting anti-government slogans.

Solo, leader of the procession, donned white long sleeves and had a loud speaker with which he passed his message.

Word soon went around of an “army of rebels” are out seeking to wreak havoc and unseat the reigning peace in the country.

Photo: Solo hours before his death

Panic-stricken as the system was, truck loads of armed police personnel were detailed to curtail “the trouble makers” as activist were labelled then.

In no time, they were swooped in on and the crowd dispersed with batons raining, the ring leaders rounded up and thrown into the waiting vehicle.

They were later transferred to the feared spies’ headquarters, the notorious NIA, were they were battered consequently leading to activist Solo’s death.

Today is four years to that sad chapter and Fatoumatta Sandeng, Solo’s daughter, was all emotional remembering Sandeng Snr.

The very last day we saw you, April 14th 2016.
You died with honor, not bowing or kneeling,but standing your grounds as an honorable Citizen who had promised to sacrifice for the lot.

Thank you Baa,” she said about hours ago.

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