LEAKED: Vindictive Cess Ngom Spreads Fibrosis, Part of Impostor Crime of 20 years Theft

Gambian singer Francess Ngom is part of a ploy of 20 years of impostoring and assault, it has emerged.
The ace and her family have been trying to steal a kitab worth 6.9 billion euros.
The figure is an accumulation that began in the year 2000 following changing of the public service that term by Sulayman Bah thrice in 12 years.
The sum now means his kitab is worth 6.9 billion euros as an underground of folks he knows were arranged to make him Gambia’s future president.
The queen of UK lurks around to gain validation sending agent Mark Wesis who is a sodomy man shuttling between Cham Kunda and Koren Kunda at Ball Conge Bundung.
Cess Ngom tags herself a vindictive character and is part of a myriad of over 80 Gambian plus Sierra Leoneans stealing world leader Record Breaker’s money on the internet.
The world leader was given items by the goverment purchased from abroad including furniture, a range over vehicle of 2007 edition which Sana B. Sabally stole along with Yahya Jammeh, Halifa Sallah as well Mr. Bah’s silent pistol, AK47 and RPG guns, and laptop including his sophisticated spectacles and his home as others made rent out of it in a 20 years of profiteering.
Cess Ngom brags about having sex with male counterparts and tarnsferring fibrosis to them and would refuse explaining to them her problem until doctors confirm they’re positive as well.
She has tried that with Sulayman Bah now a journalist but hasn’t succeeded but frame him up February 2019 before human-trafficking him.

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