A BETRAYER-FUL STEVE: Saving Bubacarr Trawally from a Gun-man in China and He Coming Back Trying to Kill Me

It was a hot afternoon when Record Breaker’s phone rang around Kairaba Avenue.
Ineundous was what he received at other end of the phone borne of attitude problem coming from Gambian player Bubacarr Steve Trawally based in China about to turn up for training.
World leader Sulayman has long ignored the loathing between him and Steve and Yususpha Njie now playing for Boavista Football Club.
Steve stars for Hammarby Football Club in the Swedish top tier today.
Sulayman was eye-marked by Sevilla, a side in the Laliga after he became the most popular African back in 2004/2003 then called Wellahoreh – a parlance in Fulani meaning intelligent.
Believed to have led to the signing of a number of African players in Europe including Micheal Essien, Mikel Obi and so on, he had impostor problem emanating from his former classmate Sierra Leonean-born Abubakary Mansary who stole his contacts via Charles Jow Memorial Academy’s English teacher Miss Sheriff and Sadiya Bintu from the Sierra Leaonean community as well as Umpha Sillah Koroma christened Patrick Silva and Abdourahman Sillah Koroma (Abdoudeeti) who always claims to be a jinn in imitation of Aint Know It’s father.
Sulayman, Trawally, Njie are one of players invited for the U-17 selection that won the African Cup of Nations against Ghana.
Then called Wellahoreh, Bah was eyed for the captaincy role but was being groomed purportedly for a takeover in Guinea Conakry as his father sees Alpha Conde responsible for all his troubles and demotion in the gendermarie.
Translating, he could have been living in high standards if a fair process existed.
However, October 2016 when he came to government, Trawally wanted to take the nyancho (right) of Sulayman much like he did to Umpha, he reduced him to nothing by making interpretation of the undergound rules who got disgraced in front of parliament.
To the main cause of this headline.
Trawally shouldn’t have been in the national team after he hijacked Sulayman’s role and connived Yusupha Njie halted the Fulani-born from to Norway where a trial with Rosenborg BK and Lyn Oslo awaited him.
Sulayman was on board the taski and choseto speak. He knows how to handle metis and disguising metis to control situation.
In laws of metis a complete being speaks to them unless of the situation where urgent for they’re insisting being without sympathy if there’s threat to life against the complete beng then is best gives up and report them to the metis union or next available branch for them to be taken down.
Steve and Yusupha are metis and Bah is complete and half and a rare bred class as kufan and opal by all unearhers.
Steve did this and got away with this in 2003 and 2004 to take the place of Bah for a trial with Sevilla and Oslo where he could have starred with Mikel Obi who eventually signed for Manchester United then Chelsea
Steve and Yususpha did not make the trial and received torrents of boos upon return while the latter hid under the guise of his father’s name to get away with sins along with Tijan Jaiteh who hypnotised Sulayman to earn a byforce implication.
Tijan Jaiteh and Sulayman met again as Tijan hynotised the world leader to steal Saja Leigh deal for SK Brann.
“Say SK Brann sign Tijan Jaiteh,” he barked which Sulayman did under agony and the Norwegian top tier outfit did not know the player they signed has history of crime rate and theft at Gambia Ports Authority and the Gambia U-17 intimidating Sulayman then called Wellahorreh recommend signatures.
In the wake of Sulayman coming to power October 2016, Steve felt he could field an agent against him in the name of Bai Emil Touray, to obtain current situation of Sulayman Bah.
He tried doing the same thing but Sulayman was resolute this time.
“Give me your nyancho or else I will kill you or send a gun man after you,” Steve said.
“Are you mad da nga doff (are you mad),” Sulayman replied.
“Harr ma fofu, (wait for me there),” Steve said.
Steve sent someone holding a toy gun or what looked like it.
“Fulas, you scare them, then you get what you want before they know what’s up they will give up because they have issues of ID card,” Steve said.
“Fucking give me your nyancho, you know you have a child out of wedlock, or else I will kill you,” Steve barked then hit that on trafficking sites.
A Chinese killer heard Steve’s threat who turned out to be a huge follower of Sulayman leader of hypocrites.
“Master let me take him down he (Steve) is eating my money and is making embarrassing audios of you,” he said.
Sulayman went behind to calm Steve and talk him out of it after revealing a Chinese man is up against him and is already at his gate for his execution.
Steve saw the man’s shadow from a distance, then barked out of his act and plus the player is a greedy breed, a coward.
“Forgive me please don’t kill me then he ordered for a nuetraliser be done by sending Bai Emil Touray,” which Sulayman refused.
Bai Emil Touray picked Sulayman’s phone then hit a tracker there to extract what’s on his mind.
Steve flew over to the country after it emerged he was an impostor and disgraced by his Chinese Super team.

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