“Barrow Has Been Consistent In Proving to Gambians His Administration Don’t Have Much to Offer,” Fatu Camara Blasts!

Fatu Camara has come hard again at Gambia’s president claiming the property-seller-turned head of state’s leadership hasn’t much to offer on the table.

The journalist is disenchanted with the head of state’s response to the Covid-19 which has ravaged the presidential palace.

Up to four cabinet members have gone into quarantining having contracted the virus with Barrow the sole man cleared of the ailment.

Ms. Camara have in recent months become a staunch critic of Barrow and his style of governance and did not hold back in throwing yet another dig at the status quo.

“I am keenly following developments in The Gambia with a heavy heart just like many of you.

“This is not a time to cast blame or to go after the leadership for its failures which is by now evident to every Gambian. The truth is President Adama Barrow has been very consistent in proving to Gambians that he and most members of his administration don’t have much to offer our country.

“All they care about are the luxuries that come with being free loaders at the expense of our tax payers – the interest of Gambia and poor Gambians seem to be the last thing on their minds – the wanton plunder of our meager resources is evident already.

“Now Gambia, it is up to us to stand up for ourselves, pick up the pieces and put our country back on track for nobody will do this for us.

“Just merely a week after we got hit really hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, our entire government has collapsed with little or no leadership to look up to for guidance or direction. They have all vanished into thin air leaving us to fend for ourselves. Here is why we should build strong institutions and not strong men.You can call President Trump all the names in the books, but with all the criticisms directed at him on a daily basis – and some may be very valid, he still finds the courage to stand before those ferocious media critics to address the American public.

“Gambia’s problem has always been a leadership issue and it seems the solution is still elusive. It is time to wise up and instead of constantly complaining about our leaders – especially after they having shown us who they are, we should believe them and make sure we do the right thing for the sake of country part of which is to vote them out of office.

“Gambian politicians, if you want our votes, you have to step up to the plate. You cannot continue to watch from the sidelines and being inactive hoping that we will hand you our country on a silver platter. We do not live in that Gambia anymore, you want our votes, convince us that you deserve it.Now, I have absolutely nothing against President Barrow – in fact I like his calm demeanor, and maybe his heart is in the right place but let’s be honest – the man just cannot govern. What baffles me the most is; why he is asking for a second term knowing his shortcomings. Can you imagine, an announcement to let us k

“know that our President will be addressing the nation, are you kidding me??? Gambia, let us take a look inwards, it is now or never!”

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  1. Am in serious doubts what kind of governance is Pres. Barrow administering.

    What a failed leader he is.

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