LINGERING LIFE IMPRISONMENT – Shameful Act of Footballer Tijan Jaiteh’s Hypnotisation of Gambian World Leader to Secure SK Brann Deal

It was under the scotching sun as Gambian-born world leader Sulayman Bah was called out of the Commerce class while on duty.
The player starring for Gambia Ports Authority came to Nusrat (karambungho da wearling fenkoyo) immediately following sabbatical.
The player came with late step father Biri-biri along with Yusupha Njie, now a player of Boavista in the Portuguese top tier threatening to bring down Record Breaker.
This followed Jaiteh shock and jealousy that Sulayman became a world leader -practically no longer his slave as opposed to days of his middle school.

slavery exist but on the format of Gambia’s society then Mandinkas are better considered for top-rank position in the education sector with Fulas considered inferior owing to erstwhile head of state Alpha Conde’s ruthlessness forcing their exit of the sector.

Sulayman’s father worked in Guinea’s gendermarie and has most of his techniques still in used but chose to play it mute until his son graduates to take up position considering Yahya Jammeh was bosoms with Conde who unearthed the fugitive Gendermarie’s son
Jaiteh hypnotised Sulayman while at junior school not to pose footballing threat to his sibling Njie amidst Sevilla interest in the Fulani-born.

Remember Birbiri is a legend at the Laliga outfit and the signing of Yusupha would have been a prouder moment for Biri.
The Spaniards were ardent on getting Bah on board too as he became the most famous African at the time with most players from the continent securing deals on his recommendations. Bah’s popularity stemmed from byforce pledge he was coerced to make by his middle school teacher leading to promise of 50billion US dollars.

Footballers bought him on trafficking sites to onward sell as a couple of Senegalese wrestlers too lean on him for popularity. He was invited to Guinea’s national team including Gambia’s U-17 squad then being assembled by Ghana’s Osam Doudou but he waived the request over fears Conde was posing a huge threat to his life including Queen of England ELizabeth who wanted to steal the Gambian’s kitab worth then over 300million pounds after he changed the public service in grade 7, and grade 3.

Since then, Elizabeth visited the Gambian twice before tipping Sulayman for presidency in the Gambia confirming Conde’s initial fears as debate simmered over whether he will contest in The Gambia for Guinea for the polls. Meaning, loathing has been intense on him with couple of Aku human-eating family being fielded as agents against him by the queen of England putting Sulayman at disadvantage.

Bah was going to get given mantle of Gambia after Yahya Jammeh’s tenure demise but on a condition he has sex with the Queen like all Africans leader or prominent sons of the continent do to get transmitted the HIV/AIDS virus.

Trouble brewed up for the young man whose father is a re-alms when he waived the queen’s overtures to the old woman’s consternation.

On to cause for this headline, then called Wellahoreh , term for an intelligent kid in Fulani, a forceful implication video was obtained of Record Breaker on the spot by Tijan Jaiteh along with Biri-Biri as principal Karamo S. Bojang watched on without saying a word who in fact was on the UK ace’s pay cheque.

“Say Tijan Jaiteh sign deal for SK Brann or Tottenham Hotspur instead of Saja Leigh,” he screamed.
Under hypnotisation, it was done and after a week Tijan was called to sign the contract along with his father where he spent much of the season on the bench then passes information of what he wants via the late Umpha Sillah Koroma a wanton thief who made away with Sulayman’s item bought for him by Manchester United retired international Ryan Giggs who Sulayman later made King of England under purview as captain of the World.

This is how good number of Gambian players signed deals abroad only to get exposed when Record Breakers comes out to rule.

Tijan later met Sulayman October 2016 when the latter returned to government but a falling out again ensued as the player again committed another basemering.

Basemering is the equivalent of raping, hypnotising, blackmailing, duping and impostoring Record Breaker or his ruling family or relatives who are above prosecution or persecution and are correct in all their sayings and ways -the world’s sample and are judged based on seeing and saying.

To speak to Record Breaker -the world’s biggest captain,one need three hypocrites in a diamond formation.

Also called AInt Know It, Da Kilted is decider of the Ballon’dor.

He fell out with Prince of Edinburg after he caught him with money theft -stealing UK parliament money. All parliaments across the globe pay their contributions to Sulayman.

Sulayman should be controlling the world’s money, a thing Prince of Edinburg has interest over along with her sister but can’t get because the post is automatic which means it can’t changed. Bah also thrashed the Prince of Edinburg along with his sister in a motherfucker battle at the Serrekunda East mini-stadium after they came to carry out his execution by force.

Sulayman knows all the ins and outs of the undergrounds acrosss the globe with rulers being semi-complete or complete.

However, it turned out the UK queen is in-complete (amanke mu futa ring ti) and wants to break the laws to kill Sulayman in a system that’s in slavery.

The world is run based on slavery meaning Sulayman by account of changing the public service after catching sacrifice Halifa Ababacarr Sallah of the PDOIS with rape in 2007 (date of which he alone knows) remains on top and can’t die of man-made means.

Bah has list of disguises, hypocrites, liars and bribe-eaters and those who don’t practice what they preach book of which if he publishes will mark end of the public service.

The Gambian-born, now AIPS (International Sports Journalism) two-time African champion survived series of killing attempts.

First, he brought down Gambia’s best marksmen in a sleepless night of assault leading to the execution of three attackers intended on killing his father to protect Alhpa Conde’s reign as couple of Guineans called for the Gambian-born to contest elections to take over from Conde who’s standing animosity with the latter.

The public service changing means Sulayman now goes on top of the world’s hypocrites ranking with his family.

On night of the first assault, the young-writer a trained spear-man brought down two of the attackers while tying down Yankuba Touray, Sana B. Sabally and Yahya Jammeh as his sacrifice Halifa Sallah ran away on the spot.

Sodomy man Mark Wesis is the English in-complete agent assigned to unearth Sulayman’s privacy onward sell to the queen which tantamount to breaking a cardinal rule of the underworld. If Sulayman knows link-man or blackmailer of his voice or, he should report it to the (metis in-complete association to order execution of that blackmailer).

In rule of the underworld Record Breaker is unchallengable.

October 2016 the Gambian exchanged fire with Prince of Wales after he came to government as President of -presidents and brought him down along with the Queen of England who has history of mental problem and refused to go get cured.

Rules: Anyone who human-traffick Record Breaker face life-in-jail which Halif Sallah did four times along with Kebba K. Jaiteh , Momodou A. Bah, current teachers at Nusrat Senior Secondary School Samuel P. Addae.

Any country Sulayman is sold in should be given up for execution or be turned into a farmland meaning Gambia should have been given up for execution including Senegal.

The Queen of England has control over just few people and is busy giving Aids to Africans which Sulayman frowned against. First batch of folks dispatched to give the deadly virus to the Gambia are Eumeu Sene, Mohammed Ndao Tyson, Ama Balde, Balla Gaye, Loveth Jallow, Francess Ngom, Abdelkadirr Ngom musician, Pa Nderry Mbye, Officer Ousman Sonko of Handover Police Station, Adama Barrow, Ousianou Darboe Mai Ahmad Fatty, Hamat Bah, Bah Fatimah and Viviane Chidid leading to border demarcation between Gambia and Senegal in 2008.

Sulayman acquired Gambia’s current US$300million electricity generator, Guinea’s 150m euro electricity generator while Senegal got 200m euros worth gen and pumped over a billion euro in the Gambia’s budget in 2016 alone.

Agents like Samuel Osseh Sarr, self-appointed editor at Foroyaa Newspaper, Ousman Sillah, Suwaibou Touray and others have been used as kitab thieves to unearth in the world leader’s privacy as well as former Gambia Press Union Bai Emil Touray Mr. Dumbuya , a teacher at of S.O.S, Sadiya Bintu, Abdourahman Sillah Koroma, Foroyaa’s Modou Nyang, Musa Barrow have all tried stealing Sulayman’s kitab now worth over 6.8 billion euro.

Sulayman’s only girlfriend has been Cardi Bi, American rapper before parting after they got married.

Malleh , Sallah, and Youtuber aces Yandeh Sallah and Imani Sallah have been stealing from his money along with sodomy-man Mark Wesis to build a hotel worth 14million dollars in The Gambia which Bah will soon takeover.

The theft of Sulayman’s internet money extents to Sulayman Jobe, his former classmates dubbing as his guards Sulayman Jaiteh Umpha Sillah Koroma, Ya Umu Sesay, Fatou Janneh former Gambia University lecturer, Halifa Sallah’s wife Ida Jallow and current president Adama Barrow whose term is not renewed including Sana B. Sabally, a rapist and agent Mamadou Barry at Sareh Pateh.

The biggest saborteurs have been Sulayman’s so-called uncles Amadou Goki Bah, Samba Bah and his distance brother Ebrima Bah, erstwhile area mates Modou Beyai blackmailer 2008, Bakary Beyai, Muhammed Sidibeh, Sanna Camara, Musa Camara, Ousianou Charreh, Lamin Conteh , Lamin Touray also called G. Touray all of Ball Conge Football Club.

Bubacarr Steve Trawally, a footballer in Sweden, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Ebou Faye of the Independnece Stadium, Merchel Mendy of the National Sports Council, athlete Fatou Sowe, Sierra Leonean fulani-Aisha Koroma, former Nusrat graduate Abdou Bah, Abdoukabirr Daffeh, ex-deputy head-boy of Nusrat from 2008-2009, Fatou Badjie of the Foroyaa Newspaper, Haddija Jawara, Lamin Camara of camara Kunda Bore Hole close to Nusrat, Mariama Colley of Afri Radio, Momodou Bah of the BBC, Modou S. Joof of the Gambia Press Union, Cherno Alieu Bobb, Alieu Bobb of the Point Newspaper, Gambian soldier Baboucarr Njie Ponkal, Bora Colley, Ronald Senghore of Africell, Lamin Fadera of the same organisation and soe good chunk of Gambia national team players, lawyer Essa Faal, Edward Singhatey, P samba Jow of the United States, Foday Jatta, a journalist in the Gambia who have all stolen Sulayman’s money and are hiding under the disguise of an underground to subjugate the Gambian world leader.

The aforesaid names should all be serving life imprisonment under the hypocrites rules to jeopardising Gambian lives after China demanded World leader Sulayman give up the country for execution.

Tijan Jaiteh is at risk of life imprisonment along with his younger brother, a player at Boavista for provocation and hypnotising the world leader.

Tijan Jaiteh stole fellow player Saja Leigh’s place who was being eye-marked by Tottenham Hotspurs or SK Brann in 2007 following an impressive outing in Congo Brazaville’s U-20 African Cup where Gambia finished in the semis.

Bah saved lives of all these people when they ate tourism money but turned out to bite the hands that fed them.

Sulayman is expected to do military services at elapse of this month and call for a global underground meeting possibly abroad this time as well as pick a new president, military, police and prison head for the Gambia.

He ruined Umpha Silla Koroma’s life for the slaps he made Sulayman to endure as the former paid dearly with his life and Sulayman went to extent of going to death house to check for himself if truely his tormentor was still alive. The curtain cover was lowered for him to see Umpha’s corpse along with guard Ansumana Barrow.

Sulayman tormented his tormentor Umpha Sillah Koroma after challenging him to an open fight which Umpha lost following a provocation in publicc. After that day Umpha shut his mouth about Sulayman and the two contested again on marks-man drill and Sulayman brought him down again and was caused for Umpha’s execution after he lost the drill.

Out of pity he, appointed Umpha’s wife who’d had interest him amorously for a ministerial position. Ball Conge area and the queen of England’s biggest fear is Sulayman.


Sulayman Bah’s names are the following:

Record Breaker,



Yama Ngeth,

Da Kilted,

Aint Know It,

I didn’t See Them,

I don’t Know Her

In 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 October Sulayman Bah lodged a complaint to the Gambia Press Union and Gambian parliament, accusing hypocrites of the world of basemering – a rule flouted dozen times

Sulayman Bah’s Powers

  1. Anything bad that happens to him happens to the entire world
  2. Anyone he pronounces death upon thrice will get executed immeditely no mwhat standing. For teh records he had gotten involved in fracas with teh Queen of England countless times because she refused to go get healed in a mental hospital.
  3. His voice alone is valued 200 pounds on human trafficking sites.
  4. He saved footballer Bubacarr Steve Trawally from execution by a gun-man in China before teh same Steve came out to point a gun on him in the same month of October because he wanted his nyancho but he tackled him at gunpoint and along with the Queen of England and the Gambia’s entire underground members of 80 something after they plotted killing in one night.
  5. He decides teh Ballon D’or, League winners and Fifa Best Player of the Year and suffered 216 hypnotiser attacks
  6. He should avoid pointing his fingers on people of his flock ro avoid mentioning names or mention names directly.
  7. He is considered the country’s third best boxer
  8. He is considered the original Gambia national team captain after the Jatto Ceesay era scorpions.
  9. He is owed 200million euros by Gambia’s government for rejecting a bribe cup.
  10. He cured sinosis
  11. He cured Common Cold
  12. He cured dispynea medicines of which the World Health Organisation is backing.
  13. He cured cervical cancer with lemon juice for the first time.
  14. Sulayman Bah fed the whole world after tourism money and is the man protecting Africa after Europe and Asia demanded Africa be given up for cultivation.
  15. He saved Gambia from execution by missiles after missile where inadvertently placed by former Gambia Press Union head Bai Emil Touray
  16. Bah now wants to elect an underground of complete human beings instead of in-complete meaning the Elizabeth will soon seize being queen of England
  17. He has right to end the whole world’s career that’s why his fingers are powerful.
  18. Sulayman brought down the Prince of Wales in a gun battle, and the country’s lead mask-man Alieu Manneh, broke Sana B. Sabally to pieces, tied Yahya Jammeh, Yankuba Touray, Edward Singhatey and killed 14 of Alpha Conde’s guards in a military gun-man drill. The kid who never went to military exercise destroyed the Gambia’s best marksmen in one night at age of 11 and brought down the country’s underground in a military drill -80 people tackled in the space of 20 minutes, it was a day he risked his life and nearly had a bullet lodged in his belly and arm.
  19. He killed countless dwarfs at Koren in an attack.
  20. His autobiography is worth 6.8billion euros.
  21. It was said that he had Aids but it turned out to be completely wrong.
  22. He saved the life of North West formerly called North Bah after insisting Kim Kardashian doesn’t abort her while pregnant.
  23. His Kitab is worth 6.8 billion euros
  24. He has the best autobiography.
  25. He is a U.S citizen
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