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After online outcry, food authorities investigating Top-Saho Drink in Gambian market!🔥

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  • Saho-Plast is helping with the investigations

Top Saho’s products are being recalled from the Gambian market amid investigations after it emerged substances are found in their drinks.

It followed public outrage after a video went viral of substances floating out of the drink that had the aforesaid company’s brand.

Gambian food authorities came on the receiving end of severe criticisms for what most said was their “laziness” towards protecting consumers from harmful food products circulated in the market.

The canned fruit drinks producing business entity have been asked to temporary cease circulation of its products pending outcome of authorities findings, Gambia News understands.
A release has already been made public to that effect part of which read below.
” Saho-Plast is helping with the investigations and will stop all sales of these products pending the outcome of the investigation. The general public will be provided with necessary guidance and information after the conclusion of the investigation.
“In the meantime, the general public is assured of the resolve of the Authority to ensure that the voluntary recall by Saho-Plast is properly implemented as stipulated in the Internal Incident Response Protocol (FSQA/IRP1 2017) and the Traceability and Recall Guidelines (FSQA/GL 3 2016, FSQA/GL 4 2016) of the Authority,” the dispatch said.

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