“It was never about Islam,” says Essa Faal after facing days of criticisms for labeling Zakir Naik!🔥

TRRC’s Essal Faal insists the recent grilling of scholars before the commission was never an aimed assault on Islam, Gambia News can report.
The international attorney has been lauded for his investigative techniques until last week when the heat was turned on him online for labelling Zakir Naik an extremist.

In the lead up to that, he vigorously questioned Imam Fatty and Muhammed Lamin Touray president of Gambia’s Islamic council for their alleged abetting of tyranny and right violations during Jammeh’s 22-year reign.

Trolls online did not spare the University of West Indies former graduate with some tagging him as an Ahmadist as pictures of him in an Ahmadiyya Jaa’mat as an invitee went viral.
However, he has now responded to his detractors.

“It was never about Islam or any particular religion for that matter,” he said during commencement of sitting today before adding, ” It was about the rights of Gambian to worship whatever that was enshrined on article 25 of the constitution and how those rights were violated by us Gambians and our institutions.
“It was never a violation by Imam as such, it was violation by us of the rights of other Gambians.”

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