With D2m on Food Alone and over D100,000 as Salary -How Barrow Has Changed in 3 Years!

Wearing always an unmistakable well-pressed haltan, president Barrow is today far from the bearded man he once was 3 years ago.

It’s said change of scenery is the first catalyst towards human growth or transformation. And certainly Barrow has undergone that with a huge telling effect.
Some years ago when he was just sprouting out in the Gambian political league first as a UDP candidate and then a coalition flagbearer, the now 54-year-old looked massive different from his current built.

This is perhaps thanks to goodies that come with being a head of state and the Mankamang Kunda resident has definitely reaped the rewards.

With a fat salary, Gambia News understands, quoted to be no less than 140,000 dalasis per month or there about, Barrow is expected to pocket home at least D1, 680,000 every year the equivalent of US$32,881.23 dollars.

This figure is only expected to swell up in a country where the president’s taxes are not revealed to the media for scrutiny and is hidden in the national budget as well.

And worth mentioning is the president has never declared his assets as mandated by the Gambian laws before taking over the mantle -the very constitution he swore to defend.
This sets apart from the D2,043,727.20 dalasis spent on food at State House EVERY MONTH with most of the items being chicken wings and legs separate, meat, mayonnaise, oil , in short, calories-ridden condiments!

In a further break down, in translation hints that the president, the first family and all workers there, spend at least over D24,000,000 on food alone -all from the nation’s coffers!

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