“Wash Your Hands, Don’t Touch Your Face,” E.N.C Tells Fans How to Combat Covid-19

E.N.C has told fans of tips to follow to stay clear of the ravaging virus that has infected over 150,000 people globally, Gambia News understands.

Relaying his understanding of the epidemic declared a pandemic last week, “Generalo” posted a video illustrating to fans guides to follow to avoid getting infected.
“Do not wait to be infected. Wash your hands, stop touching your face and spread the word,” the dancehall singer told his legion of fans from his Brufut residence.
There’re no confirmed cases of the pandemic in The Gambia as at yet however, there’s heightening public concern coalesced with anticipation as the nation awaits president Barrow’s speech about the disease tomorrow.

Gambia’s borders are not yet closed but is expected to happen as semesters or visitors rush to buy flight tickets to avoid getting trapped.

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