Gambia Mosques Stage Congregational Friday Prayer amid coronavirus

Mosques in some parts of the country went on to observe congregational Friday prayer despite fears of coronavirus.

Locally called Jum’aah, muslims gather every Friday to stage a congregational prayer which are obligatory to men.

President Barrow this week revealed the growing concerns of the virus spread, ordering closure of public institutions and even placed a ban on his cabinet members from traveling beyond the country’s frontiers.

The pandemic spreads faster in public gatherings according to health experts, however, mosques in some part of Bundung opted to go ahead with holding public prayers amid sermons from the imams.

Gambia registered its first covid-19 positive case last Sunday after a 21-year-old UK-based Gambian woman flew into the country on board Royal Air Maroc before turning herself in for quarantining upon displaying symptoms of the virus.

Army Chief Yankuba Drammeh is observing a 14-day self-isolation after it turned out he boarded the same plane as the first confirmed covid patient.

Dozen others are being placed under confinement as suspected carriers of the epidemic for 14 days as government announced embargo on flights emanating from abroad countries hit by the virus.

In separate but related development, a couple of passengers rounded up for examinations escaped yesterday complaining of the conditions of the confinement area while a footage makes the round of reported Gambian new arrivals refusing to be tested at the Banjul International Airport today.

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