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EXPOSED: Gambian Sports Minister Issues Plagiarised Statement to Media

Gambia’s Sports Minister Hadrammeh Sidibeh has been BUSTED as it emerges his latest release issued to the media is a plagiarised communique, Gambia News understands.

A dispatch was made public yesterday bearing government’s letterhead and signed off with Sidibeh’s signature.

The document was circulated to the media for publication with some outlets already going ahead to reproduce the dossier.

However, after twenty minutes of trawling through contents on the web, Gambia News discovered that the three-page government document issued to eulogise the late OB Conateh was a plagiarised work.

Contents in the letter, we found out, was extracted from a piece written about the late Wallidan former owner on the Gambia Football Federation website published 25th July, 2019.

The release was more of a copy-paste work by Sidibeh who has had a smooth sailing so far in what was a toxic sports arena before his appointment.

Below is link of the original work attached with the scanned government document. <——-the original work

Gambia News pastes the screen shots of the original work below.

Hadrammeh is a professional finance and accounts guru and once played for Wallidan during Biri Biri Njie’s time.

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