Essa Faal: Most of Those We Helped are Either Jolas, APRC Supporters or Wore Jammeh’s T-Shirts

TRRC star counsel Essa Faal has revealed those offered food aid are either from homes belonging to Jolas, wore former president Yahya Jammeh’s T-shirts or are staunch APRC backers.

Faal was opening up recent for the first time after news he was involved in an altercation with an erstwhile police personnel die-hand Jammeh who threw him out of his home and rejected his food aid.

The incident had tongues-wagging with accusations flying suggesting the international lawyer is bent on testing his popularity, using the food national covid-19 as a platform amid rumours his sights are fixed on the country’s presidency.

I am not in this for any politics. We are doing a charity work and it’s left at that and is purely charity. I am in for this work because me being there, I know it will motivate a lot of people to want to participate and help.

“Of those households we have entered, over 250 homes belonged to pure Jolas, and those I have seen, over 50 wore APRC symbols; either T-shirt with Jammeh or APRC boldly printed on it. If there were one, two or three people rejecting what we had to offer because they are die-hard APRC supporters, we do not mine even if they infringe, it will not bother me.

” I am out in the public doing a work that is not my own work. This donation we are doing belongs to a group which I am just coordinating.”

“This is not Essa Faal’s work but a work of a group of people from both the U.S., Europe and within the local sector which I am only coordinating because they have trust and confident in what we are doing,” Essa says, revealing he and his team wake up at 9:00 am arriving at home only at midnight.

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