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Gambia Want all to Salvage It from 25yrs Nightmarish Past – Economist Nyang Njie

Nyang Njie believes Gambia requires effort of all to rescue it from its dark past.

The West African nation have had to put up with stagnant growth spanning from the first republic before Jammeh’s 22-year reign marred by right abuses and disappearances.

However, Nyang, an avid blogger and social commentator, is convinced the 2021 presidential polls would be a “decisive” moment.

Describing Jammeh’s reign as a span of “arrested development”, the Kerr Fatou pundit also did not spare aiming a shot at Barrow’s regime.

I am not a politician but I lend my voice to worthy political causes that can advance the interest of my people. 2021 is decisive year for Gambians and rest be assured that I will not only amplify my voice but I will see to it that the change we aspired for take root. We can’t live through 23 years of #Arrested_Development under Jammeh only to continue where he left off. Oh hell no and we must all stand up to be counted for the restitution of our dignity and national pride. Gambia is calling on all her well meaning sons and daughters to salvage her from the hellish nightmare she has been through for the past 25 years. She deserves better,” he said hours ago.

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  1. God continue to bless all the young and old Gambian journalists with prolonged life and facilitate your way to the best end.. we are only aware through news! So thanks for you efforts to boost our awareness…
    God forgive all the departed souls from in or outside The Gambia as a whole.
    God forgive all your shortcomings and bless you with Jannah..
    Great work-done Gambian journalists…

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