600,000 Dalasis Offered for Burial of His Corpse -Full Story of the Gambian Father Stabbed to Death Four Times in Front of His Shocked 3-year-old Son

It’s one of those stories that move a nation. The demise of John Emmanuel Mendy has thrown a nation into shock exposing to the core vulnerability of Gambian migrants in Europe.

His young family are still in denial and long to see him walk through the door again at end of each day as he does when he goes out to fend for them.

Described a peaceful man by neighbours and compatriots in Germany, Mendy was said to be an easy going do-gooder and a people’s person.

Residents in his area in Germany where left shocked and mourning upon learning of his brutal demise purportedly perpetrated by a fellow black identified as a Somalian.

What transpired between them hasn’t been explained with police investigations still on five days ago from the incident.

What’s known of the saga so far and from close friends is the murder suspect visited the victim’s balcony home and found him doting on his 3-year-old son.

It was at this stage, the uninvited assailant made for Mendy after heated exchanges, stabbing him reportedly four times resulting to deep wound cuts.

Photo: This is the alleged killer and he is said to be Somalian

Emmanuel attempted to fend off his suspected murderer but was stabbed multiple times.

Doctor’s report attribute the Gambian’s death to deep wounds he received.

Close relatives said the deceased had always wanted to be buried back in The Gambia if he ever died – a wish bosoms of his are trying to fulfill through an online fundraiser.

So far over D600,000 has been raised of the required sum of 832,443 Gambian dalasis.

A devoted christian, Mendy is survived by a wife and a 3-year-old son Emmanuel Jnr.

Meanwhile, pictures of his alleged killer have surfaced with a thick beard a loose afro-hair.

Below is link of the fundraiser, please kindly donate.

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