Owing D60,000 In Rent and Abandoned by Her Husband, Breast Cancer Mother-of-3 Reveals How She Nearly Committed Suicide in The Gambia

It’s one of those moving stories that leave bitter taste to the mouth. Looking desolate and distraught, Reny Turay is rendered homeless in a country she has lived over twenty years.

Once a lively married woman, she arrived into The Gambia with her Nigerian husband with whom she has three kids with -a boy and two girls.

Her run-in with trouble began when her husband dumped her to live with another woman abroad without looking back.

Determined to survive the shocking predicament, she ventured into petty trading proceeds of which she used for feeding and footing bills of her kids schooling one of whom dreams of being a nurse to help the sick.

She’s been managing well without support until her diagnose with cancer of the breast. The ailment took a huge toll of her sale profits as she shuttled between hospitals buying drugs which does not cure rather temporarily puts the cancer at bay.

Photo: the 34-year-old mother-of-three lives in a classroom

Her route of injecting her meagre income in the purchase of drugs meant beginning of argument with her landlord who, fed up of her inability to pay, resorted to the courts, culminating into her eventual eviction.

Litigation is still ongoing with hearing stalling due to the lock down owing to the deadly pandemic coronavirus as her landlord demands she pays up the D60,000 dalasis she owes of rent.

I have been having this problem (cancer) now for nine months. I went to Dakar (hospital) they said I should remove my breast. So I need help from generous people for the sake of God because my kids are very young,”she says.

As we piece this story, Reny, a Sierra Leonean by birth, has been evicted and now lives in a school as a temporary shelter and feeds off gifts she receives from kind neighbours.

Photo: Reny lives in a school temporarily but may have to be evicted again if school resumes again

“Now I don’t have anything in my hands because of stress and my sickness. Anywhere I stay, I keep getting kicked out because of rent issues. As I am talking now, I have to pay D60,000 at the Bundung Magistrates’ Court,” she said, revealing how she nearly contemplated suicide but thought of her kids had her dropping the idea.

“Sometimes when I think about my kids, I say let me be strong for them. I have no one to turn to but I pray I come out of this,” she tells QTV News.

Distraught with a classroom now her makeshift home, Reny is constantly greeted by fear of yet another eviction.

To help her please contact this number: 3333245

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