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APRC’s Spokesperson Says No Corona in The Gambia, Accuses Barrow of Profiting from Covid Funds

Former ruling outfit APRC’s spokesperson Dodou Jah today made outrageous comments claiming covid-19 doesn’t exist in The Gambia.

Gambia have 17 cases of the pandemic since March 16 as figures surge alarmingly with seven active cases registered.

However, Dodou Jah today claims Barrow’s government might be using the available covid loans as springboard for their interest.

“In the case of the Gambia I only saw one case -the sister that traveled to The Gambia. They showed us pictures..Is the same thing we see in other countries. Beside that, everything is verbal we are not seeing practical, everything is theory So I don’t think we have corona in this country,” he told Fatu Network’s news review presenter hours ago.

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