“I Was Told I Could Die,” Says Papa Njie

Muhammed Papa Njie has revealed chillings thing he was told when he vied for the PPP’s hot-seat with Bakary Bunja Darboe (BB).

A trained strategist, Njie fend off competition from the country’s erstwhile vice-president BB to occupy the PPP top seat December 2018.

Run up to the polls have been at best tempestuous including on D-day amid cries of gerrymandering from BB which later culminated into a court action.

And revealing what obtained behind the scenes, Papa said he was told he could die including other chilling things if here dared rival Darboe for the then vacant role.

Photo: BB Darboe

“People said lots of things. Some said I could die, some said it’s not good to compete an elderly man. I really I have respect for him (BB).

“Just like the Mayoral elections when I announced I will go as an independent candidate, some questioned my sanity. Some said “Do you not know UDP was the government?” and that if I wanted a role I would be given that. But I just trusted myself. It’s that believe that took me to the PPP leadership so one must trust oneself at all times,” he said today during an interview with GTP.

BB Darboe went ahead to form his own party called Gambia For All.

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