Mama Kandeh Never Ran Away from Jammeh -MC Cham Jnr

MC Cham Jnr insists Mama Kandeh never fled into exile.

The Purples’ leader came third in his first time of asking for Gambia’s presidency during the 2016 polls.

Run up to that election period was torrid for all political opponents of Jammeh including Mama Kandeh who in fact was a bosom of the erstwhile incumbent before his eventual dismissal from the APRC.

Kandeh immediate turned subject of target immediately it became public knowledge that he’d registered a political party.

Soon rumours at this time whirled around that Mama has taken to his heels amid the torrents of harassment coming his way from Jammeh’s security personnel.

And putting to rest those claims, MC said today: “It has never happened in history were one worked for Jammeh, got sacked and goes ahead to form a separate party and contest against the same Jammeh. Back then when one get sacked by Jammeh, you either run into exile or follow him like a green boy. Mama never ran away . He was in the Gambia when the party was being registered. He traveled out of Gambia for over a month and returned but he never ran away.”

GDC today clocks four years in the Gambian political space.

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