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Lured to Urine-littered School and Defrauded D124,000 in Broad Daylight -Gambian Reporter on How He Got Conned

Apparently bewildered, Gambian reporter Kexx Sanneh has today relayed a shocking tale of how he was hoodwinked by a conman losing D124,000 in the process.

A seasoned legislative reporter, Kexx, christened Kemeseng Sanneh, said he had gone to collect the aforesaid sum and met the man upon coming out of a bank situated in Churchills Town.

The conman, he said, had baited him with story of not having food to break his fast with in which he doled out D100 from his pocket to gift to the fraudster.

Elucidating in a lengthy write up what occurred later, Sanneh said the trickster first showered him prayers and asked they walk quietly to Serrekunda Primary School -an isolated learning centre owing to the closure over the covid.

He said: “Up to date, I cannot tell or fathom why I followed the man. The hypnotizer took me to Serrekunda Primary School where the man did whatever he intended.

“When I got sober I guess; I did not see the man. I looked into my bag and noticed that the entire money was gone. I looked around the place he took me, at the primary school, and I saw feces, urine stains, and all sort of filth. The environment was a perfect irony of what I thought the man was.

“I checked around the school and saw nothing. While I was going out of the school, a woman selling fruits at the gate of the school informed that the man I was looking for vamoosed with a taxi not long. Then I went to the Handover Police Post in Serrekunda and lodged a complaint. I met two police officers at the station- a male and female.

“The officers told me this has been the norm around their area. They said they have been receiving similar complaints from people. They aid just last week, a Sarahule man was hypnotized and his D600, 000.00 was taken from him.

“I went with one of the officers to the place the hypnotizer took me and looked around the school and did not see the man. We waited for the taxi driver and asked him to take us to where he took the man. The taxi driver said the man asked him to take him to a football field at Bundung Jola Kunda. We realized that the hypnotizer did not want to be traced so thereafter we left for the police station.

“At the police station I was given a “Diary Reference Number 19/09/05/2020.” And the police officers told me whenever I see the man; I can hand in the reference number to any security officer for the hypnotizer to be arrested.

“While I was about to leave the police station, I felt down and I was rushed to the Serrekund General Hospital in Kanifing. I woke up around 9pm and doctor informed me that I had blood pressure. I was later discharged with some prescriptions. I took a taxi and left for home.

“This story is to share my experience with my followers to know that these kinds of things exist. I was never a believer until when I got trapped last weekend- on Saturday.


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