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MAI FATTY: Frontline Workers Are Scavenging for “Depans” to Give to their Families

Mai Ahmed Fatty today made moving remarks about the state of isolation centres, revealing health workers are left scavenging for what to give to their families.

The Gambia Moral Congress’ leader is doing time at an isolation centre upon returning into country from abroad.

Giving insight into state of affairs there, apart of from lack of mask for covid suspects, Fatty said, health workers are left not only hugely exposed but unpaid as well.

“People who are facing the risk -the health workers -need to be looked into. I want government to look into their situation and provide them the incentive that they need – increase their allowance.

“In my conversation with some of them, some of them even go and loan “depans” just for their families to be fed and 90% of them have not seen their families for weeks because they’re also quarantined permanently. The morale is going down among them. If the frontline workers are in jeopardy, how can they protect the people that are in this country,” Mai Fatty said.

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