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“New Gambia Is Nothing But A Dream,” Says Economist Nyang Njie

An avid blogger Nyang Njie believes current realities greeting Gambia is far from the one most dreamed of when Jammeh’s 22-year reign was truncated.

Rhetorically questioning when government will sort out Gambians wronged under Jammeh’s regime, Njie insists legal responsibility lies on the state for Jammeh’s actions.

The economist’s comments were centered around the recent demolition of Sukuta Salaji in which PIU officers fired teargas, causing the fainting and subsequent arrest of a female journalist along with other natives of the area.

Three and half years have elapsed since the fall of Jammeh. Gambians were elated that better days will engulf the Gambian. However, hope’s were dashed and the new Gambia is nothing but a dream,” he said.

Continuing, he added: “ When will our Government do justice to the Gambians that were willfully wronged by the state? Jammeh wronged many Gambians but the legal ramifications of his unwarranted escapades fall in the hands of the state. The continuity of the state enjoined the Government to be a party to the mayhem and destruction orchestrated by Jammeh. Years gone by and no redress. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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