KITABU: “Women Should Entertain Polygamy to Stop Fornication, Extra-marital Affairs”

Comedian Kitabu has spoken over the need for women to allow men marry more than one wife.

Harping on a host of topics regarding marriage including gender imbalance, Kitabu believes women should allow their husbands marry more than one wife to safe society of fornication and extra-marital affairs.

“Some women prefer their husbands play around making flings with a lot of other unmarried ladies than to marry those women and have them all housed and provider for. Some women are not aware their husbands are out there chasing other girls. They would refuse the man a second or third wife not knowing he is out there coming after dozen girl friends outside, The truth is men aren’t made equal and libido levels varies,” he said.

Continuing but flipping the coin, Kitabu said: ” Some ladies prefer dating married women and that’s in the majority now because boys aren’t serious and aren’t willing to shoulder responsibility so single women would rather date married men in the hope they would be eventually married off as second or third or fourth wives. Society needs to open up or else there would be women without husbands and thus the gate way to fornication.”

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