“Open Our Damn Clubs,” Singer ENC Tells Government to Loosen Lock Down

Singer ENC has asked night clubs be reopened after the recent easing of lock down over the coronavirus.

Market and worship places were allowed to resume last week as normalcy returns in bits before Barrow extended the state of public emergency to 21 more days yesterday.

However, among businesses permitted to return to normalcy does not include night clubs and singer ENC believes that sector too needs to be allowed to operate.

“If we can go to overcrowded places like markets, local ceremonies, now mosques and churches…what sense does it make if clubs are still on lock? Open our damn clubs and concert halls we matter too and best believe we are essential! Stop sleeping on us,” he said.

ENC and wife Yasally Njie are career DJs. The former released a song this week shot during his tour of Europe.

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