Singer Gee Vows Never to Vote for APRC, UDP or Barrow Next Elections

Rapper Gibou Bala-Gaye has sworn never to cast his ballot for any party that has once served in government.

Gambia goes to the polls during a time which Barrow would be completing his five-year constitutional mandate after initial efforts to have his mandate truncated by 3 Years Jotna.

There are already an array of new parties joining the nation’s political league making 2021 polls a thrilling race as State House goes up for grabs.

Photo: Gee is fed up Barrow’s leadership

And singer Gee, doubling as Gambia’s music union’s boss, has voiced disenchantment over the recent leadership and the one before.

Rubbishing the gay saga trending in the country, Gee believes there is need for a change one that, he insists, shouldn’t involve UDP APRC or Barrow including parties who’ve been at the helm at one point.

Photo: Gee believes Barrow shouldn’t be in government next elections

“Do like me, wait on next election and then vote for someone you feel would be different. Everyone who was in power or currently is aren’t qualified. When I say change I mean CHANGE not APRC, UDP , etc any party that was there prior this socalled #NewGambia balal nalen Man dumalen votetal,” he said hours ago.

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