Attack “Disrespects” Gee, Calls Him out to A Fight

Singer Attack Gaye, in Gee’s perception, seems to be punching above his weight after he called him out to a fight.

Gee is the subject of discussions after pitting Amadou Vypa to rap battle Chanta Loum with 500,000 dalasis the staked prize.

Vypa responded by doubling the amount, and laying down one million dalasis for the clash to happen which is being proposed for Waagan or Xmyls to oversee.

Attack Gaye, apparently thrilled by the proposal, offered to face Gee -his former boss while he was with Team Gee label – a physical or musical fight.

Currently out of the country, Gee feels insulted by the move more so at thought of the fact that Attack was under his tutelage two years ago.

“Respect I believe Jiko la. Either Nga am ko or not. Chei Yakamtina Nyow Gambia….” Gee said blasting Attack’s daring stance.

The two parted ways in a drama-filled circumstance, paving way for Attack’s solo career and eventual rise to the limelight.

And seemingly exasperated by that spat, Attack looks ready to ignite war.

“The reason I’m doing this is because everybody knows we have an unfinished business and all Gambians really need to know what went down I mean facts…

“You’ve survived so many battles @gbgee_ with rappers, singers. Superstars, rising stars, and even female performers but I’m pretty sure this will be the end of your era cuz you’re already a dead clout chasing rapper..,” Attack said.

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