Gee Angers Vypa by Staking D500,000 for a Rap Battle with Chanta

Gambia music union boss Gee has caused a stir by staking D500,000 for Amadou Vypa to do battle with Chanta Loum.

The country’s music scene is up in flames this minute after Gee called out Vypa appearing to compare him to up-and-coming singer Chanta.

Hoping his move doesn’t go without a response, Gee provocatively wrote Amadou’s name and the time of the battle in dollar notes believed to be the equivalent of 500,000 Gambian dalasis.

As expected, it caused tongues to wag online, marking beginning of what sure could be one of the biggest rap battles the last decade.

Photo: Amadou Vypa

XMyls and Waagan are the figures to oversee the battle at a date yet-to-be decided.

However, whether this was an intended joke remains to be seen.

Photo: Chanta Loum

Chanta has done collabos with Hussein Dada and is famous for his 50-plus former girlfriends feat and his beef with Attack

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