Attack Gaye Opens Fire at Gee

Attack Gaye has let rip into veteran rapper Gee following their spat this week.

The saga started when Gee offered Amadou Vypa to battle rap upcoming singer Chanta with 500,000 dalasis as the staked prize. The move generated hype to which Vypa responded with a one million dalasis proposition.

Attack dabbled into the saga, calling out Gee to a rap or physical fight in an initiative dividing opinion as the pipeline-based singer’s camp saw it as show of disregard.

Infuriated, Gee threatened to put Attack in his place, calling Abdoulie Gaye a backstabber.

However, Attack has responded in a video hours ago clarifying his remarks, insisting it was all aimed at music business but remained unmoved by threats.

“I never thought calling you for a rap battle was a crime. It was just for the business and I wanted you to be part of the hype back again,” he said.

Looking buoyant and unrepentant, Attack rebutted Gee’s claims he is an “ungratfeul” person.

“But I don’t want anyone beating me up and I have passed that stage. I am not an ungrateful person. You have never done anything for me that my mum or dad hasn’t done for me. Everybody has right to call out anyone. I can call out any rapper in the US so the same thing,” he said.

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