Tribalism Is Caused by Politics, Says Singer Badibunka

Singer Badibunka has talked down tribalism insisting it is triggered by politics.

Christened Lamin B Touray, the Njawaro ace’s comments were stirred up by the recent audio calling for the annihilation of the Mandinka tribe.

The clip whose author is still unknown as police are urged to probe the figure behind it, has received a plethora of condemnation from all sectors including politicians.

Badibunka made it his business today to weigh into the issue , calling for serenity.

“All of the talk is caused by politics. Gambia is too small. Asked Rwanda about tribalism. Politics is all just one day. It takes just one day for results to be declared and a new president named. And what will then become of those who have been fighting and hating on each other over politics? They will probably have to bow their heads in shame then. Tribalism need to stop,” he said.

Touray has a single video in the market dubbed Muah Baby – a love song.

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