Self-proclaimed Rap King Jayda Roasted for Bad-mouthing “Banjul Boys”

Myk Jayda this morning came on the receiving end of attacks after his expensive joke on Banjulians.

The 30-year-old took to twitter to throw a tongue-in-cheek comment.

“Why do boys from Banjul like to wear Mbuba bu raga (worn out clothing). Tu Bay Bu raga (worn out trousers) and some dope ass shoes,” the Latrikunda Sabij-born tweeted.

The comment was intended to provoke CDS Madsnake, a fellow rapper, residing in Banjul -Gambia’s administrative capital.

Matters turned a saga when Madsnake screen-shot the post and had it featured on his timeline and tagging a couple of Banjul singers to it.

Cds Madsnake yafi neka so duma c wah sah…na respect bi daww,” Plez of formerly City Stars, said.

DJ Attec also weighed into the saga saying: “Ask him/ them N&N days where the F*** do they get good stuffs from…….if y’all can’t show some respect we’ll take it .NaRespectBiDaw.”

The immense trolling streaming would later force Myk into clarifying his initial post saying it was joke intended but taken out of context.

“You have been dissing me all your career and you never got a single reply which you will never get. 

“Now I posted this on Twitter as a joke and fun stuff (but) you took it to social trying to manipulate people just for hype and clout chasing. I can understand that. In case you don’t know I’m from Banjul myself I was born and raised there,” Jayda said, even though his bio profile labels him a Latrikunda Sabiji-born.

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