“I Pay All My Bills. I Don’t Live In No Man’s House,” Princess Hits out at Critic Claiming She Lives in Her Ex-Boyfriend’s House

Gambia’s only Nollywood star Princess Shyngle has lashed out at a critic claiming she still lives under the roof of her jailed ex-boyfriend.

The 30-year-old went her separate ways with boyfriend Fredric Badji whom she was engaged to and on the brink of marrying.

However, that couldn’t happen after Senegal-born Badji got nabbed and jailed for fraud.

Princess, from snippets of videos chronicling the times then, showed support to Frederic but dramatically broke up with him over phone feeling she’s felt out of love with him.

But a critic made it a business to poker her nose in Princess’ privacy claiming the Gambia still lives in her former man’s apartment.

“I had to hide the stupid comment ig cuz I’m not about to make anybody popular cuz of a stupid comment. Anyways on a normal day I would completely delete this comment and block the person but this is not the first time I’m getting such comments, and since it was my choice to put my private life out in the public my sharing my story on YouTube I’m gonna address this once and for all. I am not living in my ex apartment, I moved out of his apartment and got my own place the moment he got arrested. Most of y’all that watched my reality show on YouTube will clearly see that the apartment I lived in with my ex before he got arrested and the apartment I lived in after he got arrested were two completely different apartment, you can slide to the left and check out the kitchen in my ex apartment and my current kitchen are completely different, his kitchen cabinets were black and mine are white, I personally screenshot the pictures from my YouTube so y’all can go check it out yourself if you don’t believe me. So all of you low lives coming for saying that I’m living in a man house even though I broke up with him please get your facts right before coming on my page commenting rubbish. I live in my own apartment, with my name on it and I pay all my bills. I don’t live in no man house or in anybody’s house for that matter. I hope this is the last time I get such stupid comment. Swipe to the left and see for yourselves and if you don’t believe go on my YouTube channel and watch my reality show from the beginning and see for yourself,” Princess said in blast at her detractor.

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