“We Have Ghost Workers.You Cannot Believe What Has Been Happening,” Admits VP Touray

Isatou Touray has admitted to a long list of vices plaguing Barrow government including existence of ghost workers.

The nation’s vice-president while harping on payments of civil servants, during which she admitted to the measured scale being “inadequate,” Touray revealed a document is being evaluated and its findings, contain “interesting” revelations.

Equating it to a Pandora’s Box, Isatou said the study, currently under review, will soon make its way before legislators for its pros and cons to be subjected to reviewing.

“Government is currently reviewing the pay and grading structure of the civil services. When this is finalized, we hope to see an increased salary structure for civil servants,” she said.

She continued: “I looked at the draft. It is being shared among the relevant institutions. It will finally come here. We are looking at some of the factors that are happening. We have ghost workers. you have people who are posted in places and they are not there and yet their names appear and so many other factors. It is a very interesting study that has come out and you cannot believe what has been happening. It’s like opening the Pandora box.”

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