Coker Explains How Gambian Men’s Naked Videos Are Exposed

Worried by the alarming rate naked videos are leaked, Fatoumatta Corker has bothered to explain how Gambian men get trapped in the craze.

Calling it a frenzy by scammers to extort money from prominent people, Coker reveals a new application dubbed Bandi Cam is the device used by hackers to lure victims.

Claiming it has been in existence for a while, the socialite feels the need to enlighten Gambian men who she thinks are susceptible to being hoodwinked.

Her remarks followed the recent leaked nude video of Lamin Bojang who consequently has to “resign” from Gambia Action Party (GAP) as its presidential candidate.

According to the EliteMedia guru, the application dubbed Bandi Cam is installed and its sophistication varies and is often laced with WhatsApp.

Women, posing as agents of the syndicate, she said, would tempt men into posing naked while they -the agents -are also naked in a WhatsApp video live conversation.

“You the man will not see it because you will be thinking ok she is also naked too not knowing you are being recorded secretly. The interesting thing here is, the app will not record the lady such is how it is set.

“And next minute you won’t hear from her again. Before you know it, she would open a social media profile using perhaps a popular figure’s image and then leaked the videos or threaten you to pay money.

“Their charges depends on your financial status. They’ve done that to a driver and a prominent doctor here in the country. Now some of these blackmailers have agents working for them in the Gambia.

“So it’s good our men are told about this so they could be enlighten and pass the word around too and begin to take responsibility. There are lot of videos to be leaked. Others have already had their tapes leaked. To those who have spouses, please open up to them and confess but do not make mistake of paying your blackmailers because they would have already sent it to others too,” Coker said.

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