“I’m Not In the Habit of Insulting,” Says Fatu Camara

Fatu Camara today insists she isn’t in the habit of lowering her standards to resorting to spewing profanity.

The journalist came under fire this week after snippets of her videos went viral of her aiming invective at US-based comedian Ebou Bah dubbed Serign Thiapathioly.

Bah, a self-confessed president Adama Barrow supporter, has been on the neck of Ms. Camara after she waged war on the first family including attacking Barrow countless times.

However, reacting to her viral insulting video, she said she felt she had had enough.

“I’m not in the habit of insulting but there is limit to everything. I also have a heart like all others. My mum asked me initially not to respond. Actually good people around me scold me when I do something not appreciative,” she said in a live video an hour ago.

She continued: “People can’t silence me. We’re gifted with this and I have no say over it. So I can only talk. I think political fanatics should focus on their opponents and not me because I won’t be going to elections with them.”

The mother-of-two’s online brawl with the first family began early this year during her Heroes’ Awards in which the first ladies of Senegal, Gambia and Sierra Leone’s Gambian-born Fatima Jabbi Bio were all invited.

However, only Bio turned up with Bah-Barrow no where to be seen while Sall stayed put in Senegal over the heightening coronavirus fears.

Matters turned ugly when Fatu claimed Bah-Barrow has been sponsoring online insults against Bio sparking a proliferation of attacks from Barrow’s supporters on the journalist.

Since then she has been at loggerheads with Barrow’s government to this day.

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