ADVOCACY -How this Gambian Young Lady Has Been Helping Victims of Abuse in Rural Gambia

Advocacy is a burden carried out for humanity but made easy with the availability of basic amenities.

In towns like Gambia’s capital, advocacy causes are abound but the story is different in rural areas where literacy amongst the population is low.

The education level being at a low-ebb makes advocacy undertaking even more herculean prompting many activists into making reconsideration when posted there.

One lady, named Fanta Sillah, though seeks to be resilient to brave the odds. But that is largely because she lives there. Her line of voluntary service leans towards children and women.

“I started advocating at 13. I realised that children and women living in the rural part of The Gambia do not have access to quality health and education because I spent my whole life in rural part of Gambia,” she begins.

Single-handedly brought up by her mum along with five other siblings, Ms Sillah has seen the hustle from get-set go including abuse from an early age and is, today, reason for her passion to help violated persons both young and old by raising awareness.

Photo: Fanta doing voluntary work

“I create awareness on issues affecting children and women living in these areas and also find ways to support. I am an SOS child but not an orphan I just met several students and patients that I talk to know what they go through. I give volunteer support at the main hospital in Basse. SOS saved me protected me and also helped me shape my life. They are also supporting me in my advocacy. It did a lot,” she tells Gambia News.

Fanta’s works also focuses on mutilation of the female genital, a practice disguised as religion in The Gambia even after government’s banning of the act. Fanta’s Charitable and Awareness Foundation, a campaign she created and registered in her name has been active in this regard.

She ventured again: “I am also talking to people around here about FGM and what they think about it. I also have my own organization that create awareness and also support vulnerable mothers and students in the rural part of 3.

“I have been asking people about what they think about FGM And most think it has something to do with religion but others think it doesn’t. I am totally against FGM. People around here (Basse) practice FGM in a very bad manner

Fanta’s Charitable and Awareness Foundation situated in Basse could be reached on 3179993, 2524631.

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