“My Dad, Is An Islamic Scholar But I Chose Music ….,” Says Singer A2

Dancehall musical genius A2 Da Fulani reveals his father is an islamic scholar but opted a different path.

Majority Gambian singers, not from griot families, often face pockets of opposition from relatives over their choice of career.

And A2 divulges he is one of those singers to have faced questions over his career largely from folks who know his dad’s religious leaning.

“Those who know my father would not have imagined I would become a musician because my father is an Islamic scholar in Basse. But I took a different path.

“My dad’s concern was for me to complete schooling. So once I finished, and was furthering a bit and was working and earning from music, he let me do it,” A2 said.

Christened Ebrima Jallow, A2 hailing from Basse of recent made Linkage’s African dancehall artist of the year nomination list in 2018 which StoneBwoy ended up winning.

His songs are played across Jamaica but is often irritated by comparisons he draws with Alkaline.

“I was being compared to Alkaline. That irritated me because most thought A2 represented Alkaline Two which isn’t the case. My songs used to be played in Jamaica,” the Basse-born told Sally Tizzy on her Playlist show.

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