Sabally Slapped in the Face for Calling Barrow “Accidental President”

Momodou Sabally has received some telling off for his swipe at president Barrow.

The country’s head of state has been into literal hiding since being declared covid free via a dispatch – a claim majority Gambians doubt given his no-show.

And launching jide at the property-seller-turned head of state, Momodou Sabally of the UDP made a daring political statement, slamming the State House occupant an “accidental” leader.

“And if I have to write a book about him, the title shall be:“Adama Mamudou Barrow: The Making of an Accidental President”What a sad story!,” he said.

The comment understandably or rather predictably didn’t turn out to sit well with followers of Barrow who took turns to slam back at the self-professed Gambia’s Pen.

“You were this first to disappoint the country Mr sabally, with all what you called education, even to an extend of travelling out of the country to study and we thought you will have sense but all the same…shame on you…how about you if people have to write a book about you, what will be the Title…you better sit down and heal your wounds.. Yeye man,” Jeremiah Nicolas Jatta digs at Sabally who appeared quite unfazed.

Saikouba Ceesay weighing in said: “You are more accidental than Barrow. At least he has put up legacies and proved your corrupt attitude to the whole world.”

Photo credit Gambia News: According to Gambia’s Pen Barrow is an accidental president

“It might seem an accident to you but he is destined to be a president, the saddest story is you from a secretary general to a political dog and a campaign tool for a political party that brought no good to this country,” Ebrima Manjang countered.

There were a voice or two who agreed with the country’s erstwhile Secretary General.

“Gambia pen you are right about barrow is unfortunate,” Suwaibou Jallow says.

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