“I Will Not Marry and Leave My Wife In The Gambia,” Says Nyancho

Bakau-based singer Nyancho reveals he won’t be “semestering”, marrying and leaving his wife to travel abroad.

Most married women in The Gambia still remain technically single with their husbands in abroad earning a living while they battle boredom at home.

There are even endless stories of “semester” women being put in family way behind their husbands back.

Nyancho latest single titled “Nangbendung” leaned towards this category of women in society on a love song attracting little over 23,00 views since its release on July’s end.

And in a recent talk over concept of the single, Nyancho revealed the track was inspired by a “semester’s wife” during a freestyle session and took it further to morph it into a full track.

“I sang it for sisters like that who are in the same situation. I am not married yet but if I have a wife, I certainly won’t be leaving her here and travel abroad. I will go with her instead,” he said jokingly to VM International.

Photo credit Gambia News: snippets from the song nangbendung

Nyancho’s previous track before this was Boraa Baa, a song courting over 200,000 views on YouTube.

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