Gambia’s Nollywood Star Princess Shyngle Reveals What Her Boyfriend Told Her

Gambia’s sole Nollywood star Princess Shngyle has let out to the public what her would-be husband told her.

Shyngle has not made public who she’been dating as she’s been previously doing making most little surprised about her latest revelation.

It has been assumed all this while she is not mingling after breaking up with Senegalese beau Frederic Badji whom she was due to marry.

The pair broke up while Badji was in Jail at least going by the chronicling of Princess who was detailing developments about her life including condition of her husband.

Frederic is doing jail over charges of fraud but proposed to marry the Gambian Tv goddess who chose to walk away from the relationship citing previous cheating, charges Badji hasn’t been able to respond to considering he is in jail.

Shyngle in the aftermath of this vowed never to discuss to the public her relationship and thus understandably took most by surprise when she appears to hint of her new man’s plans to make her his wife.

In a post captured by Gambia News Showbiz editor, she said: “He said to me “ baby I am going to make you my wife and treat you like a queen for the rest of my life.”

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