36,000 Views In 9 Hours: ST Brikama Boyo Hits Record with “Jatoo” Video

ST Brikama has attained a new height after fetching over 36,000 views in just nine hours with his new single.

Rarely do a Gambian footage get that much views on day of its first release, however, ST has defied this hoodoo as he goes trending with Jatoo.

With 46,000 subscribers, it certainly tells of close to his entire following have watched the clip.

Done by Weeflag, the release starts off with very bare-chested ST running to rescue a newly born baby with a bow and an arrow hung to his sides in an unknown bush.

Laced with some typical brilliant punchlines and ego-tripping, ST dissed out fake rappers claiming kingship while launching into self-adulation, tagging himself as a ‘jatoo’, translating as a lion in Gambian mandinka dialect.

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