“Browsing Online Watching Ladies Pictures Can Finish Data,” Singhateh Says

Freaky Joe has taken a light dig at men who busy around watching pictures of ladies online.

Appearing in one of his very jovial moods, Singhateh-based in Norway believes the calibre of controversial GSM company Africell are being unfairly fingered of blame over the exhaustion of phone data.

A good number of fellow artists reacting to the post saw the light side of the comment and aptly replied.

“Browsing online watching ladies pictures can finish your #data and if you like, it goes even faster!‬‪ Stop complaining about @AfricellGambia or @QCellgambia this is your own fault!

” ‬You dey enjoy , data dey run and now you wan complain !‪Luku- Luku rek ! #Ngen#Fi#Neke . ‬Kom I tourist !!! Lmao,” he said.

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