“Silent Treatment Doesn’t Solve Anything,” Says Fatu Camara As She Turns Relationship Adviser

Fatu Camara today offered advise to couples urging for communication as springboard to resolving issues.

Silent treatment is no strange occurrence in marriages or relationships creating often unpleasant scenarios and Fatu believes communication is key to unlocking differences.

The Fatu Network guru feels the situation triggers bad blood fueling into “negative emotions” , saying it doesn’t bring lovebirds together.

“Study shows many resort to The “silent treatment” when they have problems in their relationships but do you know that The silent treatment doesn’t solve anything. It just makes the other person feel they are being hurt or ignored, causing negative emotions and resentment.

“It doesn’t usually bring a couple any closer to a solution or compromise that will help the relationship grow and improve.Communicate, communicate, communicate that’s the way to go,” she said.

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