“We’re Not Married,” Says Cess as Gambia’s Diva Rubbishes Wedding to Abou

Cess Ngom has rebutted claims suggesting she’s attached to Abou.

The rumours of the two being better halves went abound when a picture surfaced of the them appearing to tie the knot.

The rumour littered the surface as news outlets went berserk showering congratulatory messages to the duo, consequently throwing Gambia showbiz-featuring platforms to the gutter.

Adding to the confusion was the mother-of-two posted “Alhamdullilah” translating as “Thank God” on the photo of her and Abou donning white wedding clothing.

If it was a PR stunt, it actually generated some buzz but the truth now is the pair were in fact shooting a music video titled Loi Harr which is now in the market on YouTube.

Loi Harr was written about that fan’s story and Abou happened to play the character of my husband so this is what brought the confusion. We are not married so that photo is definitely not my wedding photo. If I hear anymore congratulatory messages from you guys, boy den nyo fight deh,” she said jovially on Celebrity Gossip

Lo Harr is Cess Ngom’s third footage this term after Diva and Jeggeh Sima let off eight months ago hitting over six hundred thousand views.

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