“Barrow’s Ego Got Higher than Mount Kilimanjaro and He Forgot Where He Came from and Where We Picked Him up from”

Commentator Nyang Njie today took a little swipe at incumbent Barrow who’s seeking a renewed mandate.

Giving a rundown of how, according to him, Barrow evolved from a fan-favourite, Nyang delved into run up of sequence of events ensuing into the culmination of Barrow as a man of the masses.

However, the economist was quite apprehensive of the man Barrow has morphed into. The chastisement is based on hours he has spent on traffic today as Barrow’s guards held up traffic awaiting the statesman’s departure.

Comparing this to Jammeh’s style, Nyang said: ” The intoxication of power is not a myth but a reality. Barrow’s ego got higher than mount Kilimanjaro and he forgot from whence he came and where we picked him up from. I was stuck in traffic this morning because half of the Dual carriage was shutdown preparing for him to use it some 2 hours later.

“I found 5his to be so disgusting and ungrateful that he will allow his minions and enablers to treat him the same way they have treated Jammeh. It is not late but he has to alliance himself with the country’s collective interest and once again he will be the darling of the nation we elected years back. I have unconditional love for candidate Barrow and President Elect Barrow. I have no love for the person he has evolved into.”

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