“Balla Gaye Is a Real Wrestler,” Says Eumeu Sene

Eumeu Sene has heaped praises on Balla Gaye II whom he defeated in 2015.

The two met in a rematch after Balla lost the king of arena crown to Bombardier a year later following their first match in 2009.

And asked about his duel with the Guediawaye-based ace, Pikine resident Eumeu had only exalted terms for the son of Doubless.

“Balla is a wrestler of substance. When we first signed the rematch deal I knew I will have less worries because he is the type that likes to fight and go for an opponent,” Eumeu Sene said.

Eumeu is due to take on Balla’s bosom Lac de Guier II in a scheduled rematch as wrestling in Senegal is set to resume next year.

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