Gambia’s Ex-Army Chief Deny Knowing ‘Junglers’ Were Jammeh’s Killing Machine

Former Gambia’s army top dog Lang Tombong has denied being in the know that the notorious junglers were erstwhile president Jammeh’s guillotines.

Jungler is a term used referring to soldiers fielded to carry out extra-judicial killings purportedly on the orders of Jammeh who got deposed December 2016.

Often a hit-squad, the soldiers are accused of being responsible for the deprivation of several human lives some of them political figures including journalist Deyda Hydara.

Last year saw some of these military personnel confess to participating in the killings claiming they did the executions on the orders of Jammeh.

And placed on the hot-seat on the basis of being then army chief during whose time the deaths were done, Lang Tombong Tamba denied knowing some of the soldiers were junglers amid a heated back and forth with lead counsel Essa Faal probing violations under Yaya’s reign.

“I said the junglers report to the president. I do not know some of them. I know Bora Colley but I did not know him as a jungler. Some of the soldiers I have seen them but that does not mean I knew they were junglers,” he told investigator Faal.

Proceeding resumes soon.

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