Lac Reveals Reason for Awkward Fighting Style…..”My Hand Hurts Badly”

Lac de Guier II has disclosed reason for his awkward fight with Eumeu Sene this week.

The Cassamance-born turned the subject of trolling on social media for his rendition of feigning up and down but never really went in for his adversary.

Eumeu felt disenchanted for the move bragging the combat would have turned out differently had Lac allowed for grappling.

However, Lac has shed light on the issue revealing he had a bruised hand sustained before the fight and endured it during the bout.

I was fighting with one hand. I opted fighting because I do not want the bout to be cancelled. I was training with one hand in this fight. I was disappointed with Eumeu Sene’s comment claiming I’m always into draws. How many defeats do I have compared to his? If I had the losses he had, I would have left the arena. With my one hand how many times have I taken him to the doctors and asked he comes back to the centre circle,” Lac said, breaking his silence since the fight.

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