D. A. Jawo Expects Essa Faal to Apologise over “Pure Muslim” Statement

Demba Ali Jawo expects Essa Faal to issue at least an apology over comments he may have inadvertently made.

The erstwhile TRRC counsel denied claims he is an Ahmadi in an interview with Digital Home FM but his ensuing comment didn’t sit well with the veteran reporter who feels the recognised attorney owes the Ahmadi community some form of contrition.

There is an extract of an interesting interview with the former Lead Counsel of the TRRC, Essa Faal with Pa Modou Bojang of Home Digital FM making the rounds on social media. While in the extract there was no mention of the rumours that he has intentions of running for president in the forthcoming presidential elections in December that had gone viral on social media, but he made some interesting recollections of some of his encounters with witnesses at the TRRC, as well as address some rumours about him. However, while dispelling rumours that he was an Ahmadiyya, he unwittingly made a serious apparent gaffe by emphasizing that he was not an Ahmadi but “a pure” Muslim which statement no doubt seems to support the notion held by some Muslim fundamentalists that Ahmadis are not “pure” Muslims. It is possible that he did not realize the implications of that statement and we would expect him to apologize to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat for that apparent inadvertent gaffe. Another surprising revelation during the interview was that despite his professionalism and intellectual acumen, Mr. Faal is still superstitious and he seems to believe in spiritual power. For instance, we heard him talk about his encounter with David Colley and how he felt some spiritual reaction on his body,” Demba said in a facebook post.

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