“I Have Been Invited by the Gambian President,” Ghana’s YouTube Star Wode Maya Reveals

Wode Maya has included meeting African presidents in his vlogging plans revealing Gambia’s Adama Barrow is one of those on his roster.

Also dubbed Ghana Baby, Wode is one of those to have changed narrative of the outside world towards Africa chronicling in glowing details the positive side of the continent not shown on European teles.

Speaking to Jessica Os, another Ghana-based YouTuber, Wode said: “After this content alone I’m even trying to involve African presidents. I have been invited by the Gambian president but I just wanna meet Akkufo at first to show respect to your country president.”

Wode was in the Gambia last year and frowned upon his treatment at the border but went ahead to make few clips of the beautiful hotels across the country.

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