Worth D67Million in European Transfer, Scoring 32 Goals to Become Gambia’s All-time leading Goal Machine -Just Which Club Should Dembo Darboe Join?

Dembo Darboe wasn’t a name that rang a bell until his latest strides forced the press to talk about him.

His rise to the fore is result of his performances spanning from his short spell in the Northern Macedonian domestic top tier where he plundered in goals for fun.

Call him that undercurrent that bundled aside that wavering tide leading scouts to sit and take notice of his talent proving a big fish in a pond league.

There have been links of exit to Belgium but Belarus’ Premier League looked a better prospect in the times that were. This undertaking hasn’t disappointed as Dembo is today the league’s best scorer on 18 goals.

His market value has grown as he is today worth over D60million dalasis amid interest from some European clubs but the begging question now is where does he move to.

There is talk of departure to the Turkish Super Lig.
A good league but a move to the extreme Western side of Europe comprising England look a better destination. Scouts akin with the game would advise a move to the French Ligue or the Portuguese Primera Liga, a level now bigger than where Messi and Neymar ply their trade based on coefficient.

Spain is still a destination good enough for his talent as 18 goals in little over twenty games is a hard to overlook statistics when presented to any well-meaning European club.

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